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Organization of TTRI - to the board of directors headed by chairman of the next sub-director, president / vice president, as well as auditing office and supervisors.
President to manage department of emerging technology research,
department of raw materials and fibers (includes Polymer Materials Section, Biomaterials Section, Fibers Development Section, Master Batch Materials Section),
department of products (includes Fabric Section, non-woven Section, Dyeing and Finishing Section, Apparel Section, Smart Textiles Section),
department of processing technology development (includes E-Textile Section, Yarn Processing Section, Technology Integration Section),
department of testing and certification (includes Testing and Analysis Section, Product Evaluation Section, Sustainability and Certification Section, Filtration Testing Section),
department of industrial service and information (includes Industrial Economics Section, Industrial Training and Publication Section), department of business and planning(includes Projects and Performance Management Section, Panning and IP Section, Network System Section, Technology Promotion and Incubation Section),
department of general affairs and safety (includes General Affairs Section, Plant Engineering, Safety and Health Section),
department of human resources, department of accounting and other departments as well as the Yun-lin branch(includes Coating & Lamination Section, Intelligent Automation Section, Pilot Plant Section).