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    The textile industry in Taiwan has developed for over 60 years since the late 1940s, generating a complete production system that covers upstream, midstream, and downstream manufacturing. The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), established in 1959 as the Taiwan Textile Testing Center, is about to reach its 57th anniversary and has been involved in various phases of the development of the Taiwanese textile industry. In the 1960s, the industry experienced booming growth. In the 1980s and the 1990s, it became mature and reached its peak through multiple development processes. From 2000 to 2009, the industry underwent a transformation during which raw materials were processed and differentiated to develop functional textiles and fabrics. Since 2010, the industry has entered a regrowth phase and is expected to continue to do so until at least 2020, during which branding, design, and marketing are being employed to excite industry growth. In response to the needs of these various development phases, the Taiwan Textile Testing Center was renamed as the China Textile Testing and Research Center in 1971 and the TTRI in 2004. The China Textile Testing and Research Center was in charge of quality control, product grading, tracking, as well as transforming the industrial focus to product research and development (R&D). The TTRI focuses on innovation, research, development, and the diversification of service categories to provide comprehensive services to relevant domestic businesses.

    In response to globalization, including the emergence of featured textile products from other countries and the changes in economic progressions during the development process of the Taiwanese textile industry, domestic manufacturers have begun to transform products and actively invest in the R&D of functional, differentiated, and customized products. This transformation has made Taiwan a crucial material supplier for global functional textiles. Approximately 40%–50% of international brands and 70%–80% of outdoor brands have purchased functional fabrics from Taiwan, signifying that Taiwan’s ability in functional fabric R&D and design has garnered international approval. However, as the predominant professional textile research institute in Taiwan, the TTRI is obligated to help domestic manufacturers maintain their international competitiveness and attain sustainable management. Therefore, the TTRI will continue its investment in high-valued textile technology R&D and observe the development trends of textile technologies in advanced countries (e.g., European countries, the United States, and Japan). The future focus of the TTRI is expected to trend toward the development of highly functional materials, circular economy, smart textile manufacturing systems, and new service modes.

    The R&D strategies of the TTRI have changed from technology push to dynamic market pull. On the basis of exploratory research, we are developing the key technologies, products, and systems to guide the development of the domestic textile and related industries. Thus, the TTRI plays a pivotal role in the transformation, upgrade, and innovation of the Taiwanese textile industry. Moreover, we will establish a cross-field research platform and train interdisciplinary talent for the domestic textile industry to reinforce the cross-field textile research and highlight the uniqueness and extraordinary value of Taiwanese textile products. This ensures the Taiwanese textile industry with its continual innovation and sustainable management principles to continually attain success in the intensely competitive global market.

Lee, Kuei-chi

Lee, Kuei-chi

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