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A Word from the Chairman

    Under the support of government policies and domestic needs after the retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, the Taiwanese textile industry actively invested in building manufacturing plants and establishing a complete supply chain. In 1970, the industry shifted its focus toward exports and earned substantial revenue, thus playing an essential role in driving the economic development and increasing the employment opportunity in Taiwan. From 1980 to 1990, the industry became mature, and related downstream businesses, because of their abundant manpower, began to expand overseas and actively invest in upstream technology R&D. This enabled comprehensively linking the up-, mid-, and downstream businesses to facilitate flexible and efficient manufacturing capability. From 2000 to 2015, the industry promoted innovative R&D and textile product differentiation, thereby becoming a major worldwide supplier of outdoor and sports textile products and supporting the economy of Taiwan.

    The Taiwanese textile industry has faced various challenges, including oil crises, industrial relocation, and financial crises. Supported by the R&D grants provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan Textile Research Institute has actively assisted the textile industry in obtaining feasible reeling, weaving, and dyeing techniques, and a flexible monopolistic approach has been adopted to quick respond to market demand and enhance global logistics capability. Furthermore, systems for environmental textile manufacturing management have been introduced from abroad to increase the added value of the domestic industry through excellent quality, innovation, and design. This facilitates sustaining numerous backbone businesses, enabling Taiwan to become the major supplier of functional fabrics and recycled polyester textile products worldwide. Currently, approximately 70% of functional fabrics worldwide come from Taiwan. The Taiwanese textile industry adopts solid manufacturing techniques as the basis to advance from an original equipment manufacturing approach to an original design manufacturing one, and will eventually attain the goal of original brand manufacturing.

    Domestic and foreign cases have indicated that in the future, business models will transform from manufacturing-oriented to service-oriented approaches. Therefore, examining the customer end to understand consumer behavior and investigating the sales end to explore related supply chain systems enable accurately linking the value chain compromising end-users, manufacturers, and suppliers. Accordingly, the overall business model can be transformed. This is the primary objective of the Taiwan.

    On the basis of our R&D capability and experience in developing functional fabric products, we have also improved the technical gap of textile products for industrial use, including functional fiber materials, composite structural textiles, and related product design and standards. In addition, transdisciplinary applications and value creation have been adopted to formulate high-value, high-standard, widely -applicable value-added system solutions and business models. Consequently, we have become a global center for developing, designing, and supplying functional and industrial textile products, revitalizing the Taiwanese textile industry.

    To date, overseas manufacturing of textile product orders received from Taiwan has become a common operating approach of the Taiwanese textile industry. In particular, the recent shift of the major global economic region to Asia has prompted the industry to establish its manufacturing plants in the member countries of the ASEAN Economic Community. In the future, the Taiwan Textile Research Institute will comply with the government to promote various industrial policies, coordinate related R&D units to form technical service teams, and integrate novel business services such as information and communication technology and cross-border electricity suppliers. By cooperating with relevant businesses or those from other industries, the institute will provide various consultation and guidance services, assisting the Taiwanese textile industry in manufacturing excellent products and expanding overseas emergent markets.

    The Taiwan Textile Research Institute adopts innovative R&D and thoughtful services to interact with the Taiwanese textile industry, thoroughly examines the problems and actual needs of the industry, and conducts systematic inventory analysis and job allocation to enhance industry–academia cooperation, link novel technology and talented individuals, and develop novel prospective techniques. Pilot programs are conducted to identify representative cases, and businesses are encouraged to cooperatively invest in upgrading the industry and formulating solutions. Therefore, the institute can provide concrete assistance to the industry.


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