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About Us  Taiwan Textile Research Institute.
Create Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) as the integrator of technologyand leadership of industry. Offer variety textile business with customized service the multi-integrated and transform service.

Textile industry in Taiwan can be categorized into three types of representatives:

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  1. ones that are equipped with good R&D and innovation competence, and they can form partnership relationship to jointly share results of R&D;
  2. ones that are of medium-size establishments, and R&D capability of them is considered rather insufficient, but they can take apart in the special projects by the government and make use of these projects to help deepen their R&D competence;
  3. those small and medium-size enterprises that are short in R&D funding, manpower, and capital, so that government can provide counseling resources and information to help them conduct management counseling.

In such a way, they can have mastered the universal critical technology, and applied for real-time counseling or SBIR project from the government through TTRI and other legal entities to strengthen their constitution, and enhance their margin of profit. For the first-category and second-category manufacturers with their production value in excess of 80%, it is necessary to strengthen R&D promotion strategic alliance, but for those textile manufacturers of nearly 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises, Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) is working much harder in providing R&D technology and multi-service in order to help them to upgrade and transform.

Raising the added-value of products allowing manufactures to earn more money -Come and find the treasury at Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI).

Among the wave of industrial relocation overseas, it is necessary that the government should construe favorable, healthy, and internationally competitive environment to provide textile manufacturers with land, and human manpower to cultivate their root in Taiwan and be free from concern, aside from realizing energy, environmental protection, taxation, and financial policies. For the time being, the government has already offer textile manufactures with great many resources, and it includes also TTRI that has tried its best to help and assist the manufacturers. Most of all, there must be actual profit making except helping manufacturers to create turnover and get rid of investment barriers. It is only helping the manufacturers to achieved expected profit before government projects can have receive further support. Meantime, only when profit has exceed that of R&D funding invested the manufacturers can be willing to enhance their intention on R&D and create the new-generation added-value for textile industry. The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) is acting like the most important helper in raising the added-value of products.  So, you are welcome to come and find the treasury at Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI).

With three 100-billion projects to expect continuous growth from textile industry. As for the structure of textile industry in Taiwan, more than just making adjustment and enhancing textile industry among industrial structure as well as the proportion for the development of family decoration and industrial textiles (at present the ratio for the industrial structure of clothing/family decoration/industrial textile is 60:20:20, and it will be adjusted to 50:17:33 in the future). It is necessary that manufacturers should also strengthen their brand name, innovation and marketing capability so there will be niche for sustainable growth. Chairman Wang has especially emphasized the importance for the three 100-billion projects for textile industry jointly planned and programmed by the Industrial Development Bureau, Department of Industrial Technology, and Bureau of Foreign Trade. For the main axis of the first 100-billion project, it is primarily carried out to help double the production value of textiles for industry, and that of the second 100-billion is primarily to put up the R&D alliance for functional textiles as nano and environmental-friendly products, while that of the third 100-billion project is to conduct brand name market for fashion of designed in Taiwan. The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) is one of the main executives. It is hoped that the textile industries could use these projects as much as they can in order to create another climax for textile industry.

Based on the favorable existing and persisting foundation of textile industry, we should continue to conduct innovation of novel value as well as take service to the textile industry as vocation as we combine efforts from the industry to strengthen R&D and promotion work within TTRI, as a result, we can create new niche for the textile industry with all of the manufacturers from the industry.

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